Bringing a jewel back to life

A building that was frozen in time for years is being brought back to its former glory. Dazzling light characterises a building that evokes memories of one of Milan’s most famous neighbourhoods. This same light projects Arco into a dynamic, energetic and constantly changing future.
A metaphor for a mythological place: like the phoenix rising from its own ashes, Arco rises from its own foundations, evolving and raising its own status.

A unique and truly fascinating feel
Every facade, window and surface shines throughout the day to make this a dazzling building. Light is a metaphor for life and it really shines through this building resplendently, while remaining subtle, soft and delicate. On the inside, the building will overlook a new terrace complete with a landscaped pergola belonging to the first-floor apartments.
Elevation Arco street

Elevation Mercato street

A leading figure at Arco’s service
Decades of expertise to create a work of excellence. Alessandro Scandurra and his firm have been operating in Italy and internationally since 2001. The firm has been nominated several times for some of the most prestigious awards in the realms of architecture and design, such as the Golden Compass and Gold Medal for Italian Architecture, to mention just a couple. Scandurra Studio Architettura - SAA interpreted the Arco project as a whole, honing it like a gem. Finishing features, interiors and design carefully devised to meet the most demanding needs and mirror the identity of a neighbourhood of undying charm.

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